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Interested in murals?


So you want to get a mural. Where do you start? To help, we've created a summary to go over the process and planning that goes into the creation of a mural.  


The cost of a mural can vary. To simplify, we breakdown cost in ranges based on wall size. Other factors can affect mural cost. Below are some of those factors. Mural consultation is a no-cost service so please reach out if you are interested. Thanks to city funding we can help match costs or add funds to get a mural done.​



Artist Experience - More experience usually = more cost. International artists are more expensive than local ones. We will find the artist that meets your needs.


Artist Style & Level of Detail - Highly detailed murals or styles that take a long time to create have some added costs.


Materials Etc - The size of the wall and the detail of the mural affect paint and supply costs. The larger the mural the more paint and supplies are needed. Scaffolding and lifts can also add to the cost of a mural.


Wall Preparation - The two major factors to the cost of wall preparation are how dirty and the condition of the wall. Most walls require a pressure wash. But if the wall is in bad condition (like masonry falling apart or crumbly concrete) or an irregular material (like non-porous facades), it'll be more costly. Most walls also require primer but this is part of our normal wall prep costs. 


Marcus Coldeway - Mural Organizer 

Peter Gegolick - Artist Organizer 


We are always looking for amazing volunteers. From artist helpers to event staff we always have room for a few good people. If you are looking to volunteer, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you. 

Organizing a mural can take weeks or months so get started today!


We can offset some of the costs on most murals thanks to good partnerships and funding. Each mural is on a case-by-case basis but the chart below gives a rough outline of the cost and savings on standard mural sizes. 

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